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Information for Referral Agents


Availability is limited for those born 2007-2009, however places still exist for those born 2001-2006.

Would you like to refer a child to Edmund Rice Camps WA? 

Here’s everything you need to know about referring a child to us!

All children at ERCWA are referred annually by a referral agent. The referral agent in this case is a third party in a position of counselling, teaching or psychology. A person who knows the child well enough to confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria for this program. The referral agent must complete the required forms and pay a fee of $100; which is valid for the year. The referral is eligible to be renewed each year until the child turns 16; with the recompletion of the required forms and payment. The annual payment made by the agent will allow the child to attend all programs suitable for their age group at no cost to the family. A child can change referral agents from year to year if needed.

Referrals are open for children who are born in the years 2001-2009 in 2017. Eligibility criteria (available via the link at the top of the page) needs to be satisfied in order to refer a child to ERCWA. Please note that the children are separated into groups based on their age at ERCWA; the younger kids group (those born 2007-2009) is currently full, however a waiting list is available.

Referral agents must follow the following process to submit a referral:


Contact Catherine Tesoriero Community Engagement Manager via  

ercwamce@edmundrice.org or 0433 528 042.

Please note that there are two members of staff headed 'Community Engagement Manager.' Meg Huitema who shares the role with Catherine Tesoriero can also be of assistance to you.


Fill in and return the Referral Form (please request this from the Manager)


Make the referral payment of $100 per child. Payment options are available on the Referral Form.


The child’s referral is processed and the parent or carer is sent a welcome pack with more information.


The child will be emailed invitations to express interest for upcoming camps and activities. Each camp/activity will be age restricted based on the following:

       •           YOUNGER KIDS – aged 7-10 years  born 2007-2009
                       •           MIDDLE KIDS – aged 10-12 years    born 2005-2006
                       •           EARLY TEENS – aged 12-14 years   born 2003-2004
                       •           LATE TEENS – aged 14-16 years      born 2001-2002


The parent/carer must register the child’s interest for the camp by the deadline provided.

Please be aware that we have a one-to-one volunteer to child policy on camps. Places are limited based on a number of factors including the amount of volunteers available for the activity; the amount of children who express interest; and the resources made available to each activity.

We take child safety very seriously: our approach won the 2014 Constable Care Child Safety Award in the WA Child Safety Education and Care category.