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September Mini Camp

Mini Camps

We're keen to maintain a sense of connection throughout the year and to offer kids' guardians more opportunities for respite aside from our signature Mega Camp program so Edmund Rice Camps WA holds four Mini Camp programs throughout the year.

Mini Camps are shorter than Mega Camps to account for the volunteers' and kids' ability to attend outside of the school holidays. They're held over a weekend, starting on a Friday evening  and ending on a Sunday at midday, to give the child time to get ready and rested for school the next day.

The following venues have been used recently for the purpose of the Mini Camp program:

  • Edmund Rice College, Bindoon
  • Camp Kelly, Dwellingup

The locations are chosen based on their capacity, location and ability to meet the needs of the camp program. All Mini Camp locations are located within a 1-hour radius of the Perth CBD.

Mini Camp programs involve the following personnel:

  • 1 Camp Manager (also a staff member)  responsible for the management of the camp and volunteer formation and development
  • 2 Volunteer Coordinators  responsible for developing and executing the daily program
  • 13 Volunteer Leaders  responsible for supervising the children and accompanying them through all the fun activities
  • 15 Kids  children who have been referred to us and expressed interest in the program
  • Ancillary Volunteers  responsible for catering and transport on the camp program

The Mini Camp experience is much the same as a Mega Camp program: there are usually jelly and water battles, yummy home-cooked and nourishing food, and sometimes a contracted activity like water rafting, abseiling, building, farm animals and so on.

ERCWA makes all of our resources available on the camp including sporting equipment, craft supplies and other games and activities. Mini Camp day activity programs as with all ERCWA programs  are created and led by our volunteers.

All of our ERCWA activities are based on a 1:1 volunteer to child ratio to give the children much needed one-on-one time. Like all our programs, Mini Camps operate with a two-leader policy, promoting child safety and security on camp.

As part of the values and ethos of all ERCWA programs, Mini Camps involve a nightly debrief and reflections for volunteers. We're committed to evolution and positive change, and we prioritise volunteer formation and development as highly as child fun and development.