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March Mini Camp

Corporate Sponsorship

Edmund Rice Camps for Kids WA relies on corporate sponsorship to ensure the success of our events and fundraising efforts throughout the year. Some of our current and valued sponsors are mentioned on our home page and you could be among them.

We hope to form a partnership with companies so that the sponsorship provides benefit to both our organisation and yours.

There are a range of Sponsorship Levels available to suit the needs of all organisations no matter how big or small, such as:

  • Principle Partner
  • Official Partner
  • Major Sponsor
  • Program Sponsor
  • Event Sponsor

A presentation can be arranged so that our team can adequately demonstrate what the partnership could look like, including:

  • Where your financial contribution would be used and how you can support ERCKWA in our endeavours to have fun and make a difference in the lives of West Aussie kids
  • Other opportunities for your organisation or school to provide volunteers, resources and funds for an entire camp. Some sponsors take great pride and satisfaction in being able to sponsor a camp entirely providing cooks, drivers, supplies and catering.

Please contact our Philanthropy Manager; Nicole Mancini for sponsorship information via email nmancini@edmundrice.org