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Strategic Plan

On behalf of the Board, we are delighted to present the Edmund Rice Camps for Kids WA Inc. (ERCKWA) Strategic Plan 20212024. The plan builds on the strengths of our existing foundations and provides a road map for future development. 

The ERCKWA Strategic Plan represents our continued commitment to this particular model of ministry, a ministry that combines a focus on the provision of fun-filled positive experiences for children and youth with opportunities for the personal formation and development of the young adult leaders that deliver our programs.

The overwhelming success of both the children's services and the young adult formation within our organisation does not override the need to create more sustainable ministry structures and operations.

As we look to the medium and long-term future of ERCKWA we recognise our shared responsibility for sustaining our programs and for their delivery as authentic expressions of the Edmund Rice values and characteristics.

The ERCKWA Strategic Plan isn't simply a collection of program targets. It's also a blueprint for the development of appropriate systems, protocols and procedures that we require in order to meet the necessary operating and compliance standards in the sectors in which we operate.

Our Strategic Plan is written with our local needs and aspirations firmly at the centre. Nevertheless our plan is consistent with the national development strategies that were recently identified as part of the Edmund Rice Camps Development Project Oceania 20142016. 

In a highly complex, volatile and competitive not-for-profit sector, past successes are rarely indications of the challenges that lie ahead. Therefore our planning needs to be deliberate, detailed and achievable to allow ERCKWA the best possible opportunity to continue to thrive.

We believe this strategic plan has the potential to deliver this outcome while remaining true to our core values of Presence, Compassion and Liberation.

We look forward to working alongside all stakeholders over the years ahead to fulfill the aspirations of this Strategic Plan.

For a copy of the ERCKWA Strategic Plan, please email Philanthropy Manager, Nicole Mancini via nmancini@edmundrice.org