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Graduate Programs

Edmund Rice Camps for Kids WA knows that some of the best mentors and role models are the ones who have been through the program.

It's for this reason that we offer a Graduates Program to teenagers who have completed our program as a kid, and would like to come back as a volunteer leader.

The Graduates program is a one-day interactive program that invites teenagers who've graduated from ERCKWA's Camps over a year prior to involve themselves in a day of learning and development.

The program focuses on the:

  • Differences that would be experienced by the child making the transition
  • Role of camp leaders
  • Personal leadership qualities

The encourages graduates to evaluate their own perception, behaviour and leadership qualities. It also provides the opportunity for Graduates to assess whether they have the necessary skills and attitude to volunteer for our programs.

The Graduate Program is held at Westcourt, Salter Point, and involves the contribution of both the Community Engagement Manager (the child liaison point) and the Volunteer Coordinator (the volunteer leader liaison point). The two areas come together and discuss the necessary development requirements for children graduating to volunteer leader.

We have a number of kids who've completed the Graduates Program and become volunteer leaders. These leaders have shown themselves to be some of the best volunteers that ERCKWA has to offer.

In addition, these volunteer leaders have gone on to take on greater responsibilities at our camps in the form of:

  • Volunteer Coordinators  responsible for developing and executing the daily program
  • Camp Coach  responsible for the management of volunteer formation and development
  • Members of the Eddie on the Road team  volunteers engaged in services offered to remote communities in WA