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Information for Referral Agents






Referrals are open yearly from 1 August to 30 September for the following years programs. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with referrals outside of this time period.

Here’s everything you need to know about referring a child to Edmund Rice Camps for Kids WA (ERCKWA)!

All children at ERCKWA are referred annually by a referral agent. The referral agent in this case is a third party professional in a position of counseling, psychology or a social worker / case manager; someone who sees the child in a professional capacity only and can confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria for this program (this includes current behavioural information). This person will need to be available for any further questions we may have at the time of referral or to liaise with during the year as required. 

The referral agent must complete the required forms and pay a fee of $250 per child (valid in 2024); which is the only payment required for the year. The referral is eligible to be renewed each year until the child turns 16; with the completion of the required forms and payment. A child can change referral agents from year to year if needed.

Referrals will open 1 August 2024 for children who are born in the years 2009-2017 and close 30 September 2024 for the following year (2025). The eligibility criteria (available via the link at the top of the page) needs to be satisfied in order to refer a child to ERCKWA


Referral Process


Contact the Community Engagement Manager via  

ercwamce@edmundrice.org or 0499 145 055 (during business hours)


Fill in and return the Referral Form (will be made live at the start of the referral period)


Receive an invoice and make the referral payment of $250 per child (valid in 2024)


The child’s referral is processed and the referral agent is notified of acceptance


The child's guardian must complete the required forms (media consent and medical)

Please be aware that we have a one-to-one volunteer to child requirement on camps. Places are limited based on a number of factors including the amount of volunteers available for the activity; the amount of children who express interest; and the resources made available to each activity. ALL PROGRAMS ARE SUBJECT TO FUNDING, STATE GOVERNMENT ADVICE AND OTHER FACTORS.



ERCKWA is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of all children who access our programs. We are a child safe organisation and have a zero tolerance approach to child abuse. We take all safeguarding concerns seriously.
Child protection is a shared responsibility at ERCKWA. All ERCKWA staff, contractors, and volunteers over 18 must have a current Working with Children Check. Staff, volunteers, contractors and associates have a shared responsibility to report any child protection concerns.
To access a copy of our Safeguarding policy please make a request to the Community Engagement Manager. 


Melissa Raich, Community Engagement Manager, Edmund Rice Camps for Kids Western Australia
0499 145 055