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Jacci Williams, Board Member - Vice Chairman


On behalf of the ERCKWA Board and all our stakeholders, I would  like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to Jacci Williams. At the ERCKWA Annual General Meeting and having completed her second and final three year term, Jacci  stepped down from the ERCKWA Inc. Board. For those who are unaware, Jacci has had a long-standing association with our organisation, which commenced as a camp leader in 2000, 20 years ago!

As a long serving, respected and valued member of the ERCKWA community, Jacci has filled wide and varied roles and done so with much energy and commitment. From volunteering to Quiz Night MC to fund raising to Formation Committee Chair to Board member – if there’s anyone who’s gone close to doing it all in our 30+ years – it’s been Jacci. And she has done so tirelessly and without fuss or fanfare, which has won her much admiration along the way.

In an organisations such as ours, it often becomes a case of calling on our people to on occasions “roll-up the sleeves” and assist with management issues or events and Jacci has rarely refused a request. She has provided valuable insights around the board room table and often challenged our approach and thinking when we were firmly in a “group think” mode. In all she’s done the characteristics which have shone the most are the professionalism with which she tackles tasks and her empathetic manner.  

People like Jacci are difficult to replace, although I’m hopeful she’ll retain an involvement in ERCKWA in some way. For now, please join me in wishing her, Nick, Ruby and bubs on the way much prosperity, good health and happiness for the years that lie ahead.

Tony Manso
Board Chair
Edmund Rice Camps for Kids WA 


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