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Fun Fests

Family Programs

Edmund Rice Camps WA is committed to positive child development, which includes the family home environment. Apart from enabling respite for parents and carers while their child(ren) attends camp, the best way for ERCWA to contribute positively to this environment has been to engage families in programs targeted at them as a group.

In 2013, we created the Family Camp. With much the same format as a Mini Camp, the program is held over a weekend period at a camp-site within a 1.5-hour radius of the Perth CBD.

The program invites parents/carers/guardians to bring the child along with their household and enjoy a Mini Camp program with their whole family.

Family Camp programs involve the following personnel:

  • 1 Camp Manager (also a staff member)  responsible for the management of the camp
  • 1 Camp Coach  responsible for the management of volunteer formation and development
  • 2 Volunteer Coordinators  responsible for developing and executing the daily program
  • 23 Volunteer Leaders  responsible for child minding and making sure the kids have FUN
  • 25 Family Members  children who have been referred to ERCWA and expressed interest in the program, and their household
  • Ancillary Volunteers  responsible for catering and transport on the camp program

The guardians get to put their feet up with cups of teas and chats or join in the activities, whilst the kids play games and get involved in the typical Eddie Rice camp activities  jelly drops, a skit night, a disco, games nights, quizzes, sporting activities and much more!

ERCWA also hosts a Family Fun Fest days in the form of the Sticky Rice Family Christmas Party.

The Sticky Rice Family Christmas Party is the biggest event that ERCWA run for kids and their families. The event, which is historically attended by over 300 people, is an explosion of fun and entertainment with a variety of activities, lots of food and Santa of course!

The best part is that, like all ERCWA events, the program is free to Eddie Rice Kids and their families. However, Eddie Rice often suggests a donation for times when and if the families are able to contribute.